Custom UI made easy with simplicity and total freedom

Xtend UI is a powerful frontend library of Tailwind CSS components enhanced by vanilla js. It helps you build interfaces with advanced interactions and animations.


Framework agnostic

Use it on vanilla html or in any popular javascript framework.

Custom Design

Customizable components that supports a wide range of designs.

Complex Interaction

Complex interaction logic managed internally by components.

User Experience

Support for advanced interaction and animations with simple usage.


A11y standards with automatic Aria attributes and keyboard navigation.

UX Themes

Themes focused on user experience instead of design.


For an overview of the main features visit the features page.

Built with

Tailwind CSS

  • Tailwind CSS components class based with flexible design.
  • Tailwind CSS custom variants for simple class based activations and animations.

Vanilla JS

  • A system to mount components with mutation observer queries, to structure your javascript code better.
  • Ecosystem of vanilla javascript plugins that does the hard things for you.
  • Strong API with customizable behaviours.


  • Complex interaction from js components you only need to specify custom animations.
  • Scroll, sticky and parallax animations withGsap ScrollTrigger.