This hidden pages includes work in progress and future features, do not use because will have breaking changes on semversion.

Classes not xt Components

.hero .listing .googlelocator .slider .slider-navs-container

Classes not xt Themes

.product .featured .megamenu


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You can set activation styles by adding the class .on.

Use Tailwind CSS variants active:, group-active:, on:, group-on: to assign animations.

Use Tailwind CSS variants off:, group-off:, on:, group-on:, in:, group-in:, out:, group-out: to assign animations.

Use Tailwind CSS variants dir-before:, group-dir-before:, group-off-before:, group-on-before:, group-in-before:, group-out-before:, dir-after:, group-dir-after:, group-off-after:, group-on-after:, group-in-after:, group-out-after: to assign animations.

Use component classes to style disabled. Check xtendui/src/global.css.js for default styles.

Use component utility .xt-card-group to stack card content horizontally.

The padding of .xt-overlay-container is set as a utility. Check xtendui/src/overlay.css.js for default styles.

Use Tailwind CSS to assign size (e.g. padding, font-size).

Use Tailwind CSS to assign animation (e.g. translate, transition-property, transition-duration, transition-timing-function).

For full API see Gsap ScrollTrigger API.

This demos use loader see documentation for more info.

For accessibility purpose use <nav></nav> with an accessible name assigning [aria-label] or [aria-labelledby].

For seo purpose add breadscrumb metadata.

(use touch device to see it in action)

(use narrow screen to see it in action)

Component.xt-loader-<direction>loader-<direction>Loader direction for filler
Utility.xt-card-groupxt-card-groupresponsiveCard stack horizontal wrapper
Attributedata-xt-groupdata-xt-group="my-group,another-group"Group or multiple groups on elements and targets
Propertydirection:NumberDirection 1 or -1
SyntaxDefault / ArgumentsDescription
OptioncollapseHeight:StringfalseType of elements that collapse vertically, can be elements, targets, elementsInner, targetsInner