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Xtend UI

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Custom UI made easy with simplicity and total freedom

Xtend UI is a powerful frontend library of Tailwind CSS components enhanced by vanilla js. It helps you build interfaces with advanced interactions and animations.

Supported browsers are browsers that supports mainly es6-module, es6-module-dynamic-import, css variables, css grid, async, event.key.


For a complete css and js setup guide visit online setup page or github setup page.


Read our contributing docs before submitting a pull request.


  • Clone the repository git clone --depth 1
  • Install required npm packages with yarn install
  • Use yarn generate to generate react components
  • Use yarn dev to serve a develop version with watch
  • Use yarn build && yarn serve to serve a production version



Copyright and License

Copyright 2017-2022 Riccardo Caroli.

Code licensed MIT.

Docs licensed CC-BY-4.0